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Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration
Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration

Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig


I am a certified Psychological Coach (qualified 2017), that included a specialisation in Couple Counselling.

I am currently training in a Certificate in Embodied Coaching (CEC). Involving the body in counselling has always been central to how I work. I deepen my own embodiment through meditation and other embodiment practices. These have brought me more inner peace, authenticity and purpose, which I now share with my clients.
The School of Life has chosen me as a mother of three sons with special abilities and needs.  I therefore have a lot of compassion and experience for parents of neurodiverse or complex children (ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, etc).

I am also a physicist, interested in gender issues and in using creative non-traditional approaches to build equality in relationships.  I integrate these different sides of myself in my work and use my scientific-analytical skills to help search for the causes of emotional problems.

Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration

I am peacefully divorced after 10 years of marriage and have lived almost as long in a happy relationship with a Brit.  That is why I am at ease to work with you in English.


General information

Duration of the Consultation: The frequency of the meetings depends on your needs and is agreed from session to session.  We will need 90 minutes for our first appointment.

Where: In St. Veit an der Glan, Obermühlbacher-Straße 2 or via Zoom
​Please cancel appointments early if you are unable to attend. I will charge for appointments that have not been cancelled 24 hrs before the booked time.

Method: I work as a Psychological Counsellor using the methods of systemic coaching for individuals of all ages and with couples.  I am registered as a professional Couple Counsellor with the Austrian WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber).  Children can of course bring their parents.

Conversations, constellations, dream analysis, movement meditation will be utilised as needed.

For dealing with emotionally stressful experiences, I use and teach my own evolution of the relaxation method Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  EFT is based on tapping certain acupressure points and makes it possible to work on difficult topics in an easy, body-centered and gentle way. With EFT, it is easier to allow emotions to flow, to understand them and to bring them back into "real time". Feelings are constantly changing as long as they are not stuck.  Releasing this inner "handbrake" is one goal of my work.

And I always respond to the needs of my clients.

Addressing big or small issues
Solutions that work and feel good for you
Personal Development

As a long-time dancer of the 5 Rhythms, I am rooted in my body.  As an artist, I would like to encourage you to treat your life as a work of art and make your art a part of your life.

Ethics: My work with you is confidential.  I work non judgementally, on your needs and respectfully towards anyone who is not present.
If you have any further questions, feel free to call me.

Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration


Obermühlbacher-Straße 2

A - 9300 St. Veit an der Glan

Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration


Mag. Sigrid Ragossnig - Emotional Integration


Appointments can be arranged by phone

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